(UR) Sydney, Australia — Remember watching Jaws and thinking there was nothing scarier than being chased by a man-eating shark one day when you’re holidaying in an island somewhere? Well, it seems the tables have turned, and the predator has now become the prey. Recent drone footage has revealed a shark being chased down and killed by a group of whales off the coast of Sydney, Australia.

The aerial footage was taken by amateur drone user, Bruno Kataoka, who told 7 News Sydney that capturing this video was “a really exciting moment” and something “the National Geographic guys have been waiting months to get”. In a chilling depiction reminiscent of Spielberg’s 1975 thriller, the video shows what look like three false killer whales chasing down a juvenile shark until one snatches it in its mouth and makes off with it, presumably to devour it later with the rest.

Though similar to the more widely studied killer whales, or orcas, in appearance, false killer whales are in fact an entirely different species, belonging to the wider dolphin family. Their hunting habits are not entirely known; however, previous footage has shown them preying on smaller sea creatures like dolphins, various types of squids, and tuna — making this video even more of a rarity.

With whale watching season only a few weeks away, the footage, though probably unlikely to re-occur at this time, has certainly given watchers in Sydney something to aim for.

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