Is Sleeping Naked Better for You?

(UR) Everywhere — You probably already know, without reading extensive scientific studies, that sleep is essential for your health. All it takes is a few turbulent nights of tossing and turning in the land of insomniacs to realize just how devastating sleeplessness can be to your concentration levels and overall mood.

What if you could get better sleep, though, just by sleeping naked?

Without good sleep we know that toxic proteins stay in our brains, since they usually are ushered to our organs of elimination when we sleep, causing us to age faster and have, well, a lowered IQ; but good sleep, which apparently accompanies being in the nude, not only improves your intellectual health, but your emotional health as well — your EQ.

Firstly, sleeping naked reduces your body temperature. Researchers in Amsterdam found that a lowered body temperature reduces the number of times you wake at night — contributing to more sound sleep.

We also attain deeper levels of REM sleep when our body temperatures are lower, and we don’t shiver or sweat while in that brainwave pattern — so there really is no need for pajamas.

An added benefit? Sleeping naked boosts your metabolism because your body has to burn fat while you sleep in order to maintain homeostasis.

Secondly, who can’t use a little more naked cuddling in order to create higher levels of oxytocin, one of the feel good hormones that is increased not only when we have sex, or an orgasm, but just from feeling another warm body close to our own. This is why doctors now recommend that newborn babies get as much ‘skin-on-skin’ time with both of their parents as possible. It helps their mood, their development, and yes — their sleep. Go figure — it helps us, too.

Yet another reason to sleep in the buff relates to disease prevention. When we sleep ‘hot,’ we are more likely to get an infection in places that germs love to hide, namely, the reproductive regions. That goes for both women and men, alike.

Instead of breeding disease, we can enjoy deep, restorative stage of sleep while our bodies release anti-aging hormones, melatonin, and growth hormone (HGH), which boost cell regeneration — keeping our skin glowing, and our hair silky.

We also lower cortisol levels — the stress hormone that has been linked to a number of diseases.

If you aren’t already sleeping naked, you can consider other ways to get more skin-on-skin time, reduce your stress hormones, and get more REM sleep; but really, you could just ditch the pajamas and get all those benefits and more — maybe even some extra hanky panky between the sheets.

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