(MINDSStep one is to acquire a mushroom growing kit.  This can be done online and may require some level of discretion, as we are still in the stage of legalizing psilocyben (Johns Hopkins and MIT are on their way with medical studies).

*We do not advocate breaking the law; this article is for informational purposes only.

The grow kit is basically a bunch of mushroom spores, food and dirt, ready to bloom.

Other than the spore kit, you will need a seal-able bag, water and time.  This video walks you through the exact steps to take to grow healthy mushrooms.

The process usually takes a few weeks and should yield many hundreds of grams of mushrooms.

By lightly spraying the bag and flushing the dirt, you will keep the mushrooms healthy and thriving.

Take care to keep the bag sealed when not changing the water; avoid contamination and if your shrooms come out with discoloration they may be tainted by other molds.  If this is the case, throw out any contaminated ones.

Seek out more information on mushrooms before growing your own.  This article is only a very brief overview and not intended as an outline.  Contact an expert to verify the quality of anything you are doing, including all product.

This article (Yes, You Can Grow Your Own Magic Mushrooms: Here’s How) by Alternative World News Network originally appeared on Minds.com and is licensed Creative Commons. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/Workman