(UR) Washington, D.C. — On Thursday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted to hold a former IT staffer for Hillary Clinton in contempt of Congress for failing to appear.

Reports ABC News Radio:

“For the second time in two weeks, Bryan Pagliano, former senior advisor for information resource management at the State Department, failed to show up to a hearing to testify on the preservation of State Department records.

“Pagliano was the IT staffer who set up Clinton’s private email server during her time as secretary of state.”

Last week, Pagliano was one of three IT specialists who refused to testify before the House Oversight Committee regarding deletions of Hillary Clinton emails. Unlike the other two, however, Pagliano refused to show up at all.

And while this is the second time in two weeks Bryan Pagliano has stayed quiet for Hillary Clinton after being summoned before a House committee, it’s the third time he’s done in it in a year. In September of 2015, Pagliano pleaded the Fifth Amendment before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

The House Oversight Committee’s resolution to hold Pagliano in contempt of Congress, which passed 19-15, will now move on to the House.

This new development on the email scandal front comes at a time when the Clinton camp is fending off a barrage of questions regarding Hillary’s health. Breitbart ran an article just Monday, for example, after talking with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The senator, who’s a practicing ophthalmologist, told the outlet:

“I think she has some significant health problems — I don’t know what they are. Her losing consciousness, there, which by all appearances she did lose consciousness, is not something commonly associated with pneumonia.”

The senator is referring to video that surfaced of Hillary Clinton, after leaving a Ground Zero ceremony in New York, collapsing and being rushed into a waiting van on September 11. Clinton was reportedly taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to recover.

Clinton is also continuing to feel the backlash from a comment she made recently in which she referred to large segment of Donald Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables.”

In an op-ed published Monday, Dena Battle, writing for U.S. News & World Report, highlighted how Clinton can’t seem to shake her status as an elitist in the public eye.

From that piece:

“Her urban-elitism was on full display last week when she made her now-famous ‘basket of deplorables’ speech. While most of the attention has been on the first basket — the basket full of ‘ists’ and ‘phobes’ — the real issue is the second basket — the voters with whom she was trying to ‘empathize.’

Polls vary as to who’s ahead in the presidential race, but one thing is undeniable — where Hillary once found herself far ahead of Donald Trump, she now finds herself, at best, neck and neck.

The Russian president’s good friend already called it, in fact. On Thursday, speaking outside the Kremlin, Sergei Roldugin — childhood friend of Vladimir Putin and godfather to his eldest daughter — stated:

“I know who will win in America. You may check it later. Trump will win.”

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