(UR) Mars — SpaceX has been in the limelight recently for a number of reasons — a mixed bag of events which has made Elon Musk’s rocket company the subject of casual gossip and deep philosophical introspection. Despite Musk’s recent mishap with a Falcon 9 recyclable rocket, he, along with aerospace bigwigs like Boeing, has been promoting the colonization of Mars. Sharing Musk’s vision to travel, and even live, on Mars is an unlikely public figure, Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor best known for his roles in Titanic, The Great Gatsby, and the Wolf of Wall Street, has also become noted of late for his off-screen role in promoting awareness about global warming. In his latest documentary film, Before the Flood, DiCaprio highlights the areas of the world that have been most affected by climate change and rising sea levels.

Perhaps it is his concern for this planet, that DiCaprio plans a trip to another. DiCaprio told President Obama at the South by South Lawn Event that he planned to travel to Mars with Musk’s SpaceX program.

Musk has long testified that he believes the Red Planet should be colonized.

“Now is the first time in the history of Earth that the window is open, where it’s possible for us to extend life to another planet,” Musk told a huge crowd at an annual winter meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Musk also argued that the window of opportunity to send people to Mars and to make it inhabitable was small.

Musk has been intent on making humankind a multi-planet species since 2002, when he first founded SpaceX. He believes that a few technological advances, such as reusable rockets and the ability to produce rocket propellants from Mars, are key.

Others would attest that these technologies are already outdated. The U.S. government has publicly acknowledged anti-gravity propulsion programs in effect since the 1950s — and there are likely other top-secret and classified programs which the public is not aware of. Boeing and Dr. Richard Boylan have hinted to as much. With anti-gravity ships, the need for rocket fuel would become obsolete; but Musk’s desire to inhabit Mars, would not be.

The fact that ‘Leo,’ a prominent actor, is promoting what others would call ‘crazy,’ is a testament to the changing sentiment regarding off-planet travel and possible inhabiting of Mars.

NASA has even recently outlined a multi stage-plan to become a multi-planet species. The organization, like Musk, wants to put people on Mars by the year 2030. Musk is aiming for 2026. Among NASA’s concerns are having earth-reliant exploration, and finally Earth independence. They’ve already sent a 3-D printer to space so that structures can eventually be built on other planets, as well as the first food, so that human beings would have a source of sustenance.

If DiCaprio is serious about visiting Mars, perhaps he can chide NASA into moving their projection date up to match that of SpaceX. After the Falcon 9 crash it might be better to have two ways to hitch a ride to the Red Planet, just for insurance.

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