(AnonHQThe Russian government has proposed a giant, 12,910 mile roadway to be connected, linking New York City and London and effectively uniting most of the countries of the world by land.

Proposed by Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin, the roadway would contain some already built roads but would also consist of a large building project that could cost as much as $3 trillion. Despite the cost, the popularity and the connection Yakunin has with Vladimir Putin could make it a reality. The roads would be laid along side the Trans-Siberian Railway—the longest railway in the world.


There would be a span of 55 miles linking mainland Russia and Alaska.  There is also about 520 miles of wilderness between the closest Alaskan settlement to Russia—Nome—from the nearest major city, Fairbanks.

There is also talk of the construction of a high speed rail system along-side the road.

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