Sooner or later, we will have to recognize that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.” ~ Evo Morales

(URThe U.S. is slow to adopt energy habits that would save our planet, but according to a new report, BRICS nations China, India, and Brazil, as well as other developing countries, are leaning into sustainable energy like a lover of the Mother should. Gas and Coal are getting their asses kicked with a record $286 billion invested in solar, wind, and other energy sources.

China Leads the Way 

China’s investment, alone, rose 17 percent from the year prior, representing 36 percent of the global total. Experts expect this surge to continue, while coal remains in decline. China also announced this week that they will be suspending construction of new coal mines in 15 provinces.

U.S. and Europe Most Improved

Even the U.S. has upped their renewables game. Investment in renewables rose dramatically in America, while Europe’s investments fell by $49 billion, despite a surge in offshore wind. Even the corrupt United Nations had to admit that coal and gas-fired generation attracted less than half as much capacity investment as renewables last year.

This is great news for people tired of living on a petroleum and coal fix — the worst drug-addiction of our time.

As Ecowatch details:

“The total market value of the U.S. coal sector since 2011 has plunged from more than $70 billion to barely $6 billion and most of the remaining value is natural gas operations owned by Consol Inc. Coal stocks have dropped far faster than coal consumption, because the industry, ignoring competition from renewable energy and dismissing pressure to clean up the air, recklessly invested in far greater mining capacity than the market needs. Coal prices dropped by 75 percent.”

Countries Already Running on 100% Renewable Energy, or Darned Close

Costa Rica is already running entirely on sustainable energy. San Diego has vowed to do the same within 20 years, and Denmark has harnessed wind power to reach a similar goal.

Electricity output from renewables has grown eightfold in Germany since 1990, and the latest data further highlights the dramatic shift towards clean energy taking place in Europe’s largest economy. Scotland is also eyeing a fossil-fuel free future.

As ever larger markets turn to wind, sun, and other alternative energy sources, we can look forward to a cleaner planet.

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