(UR) San Francisco, CA — For Hillary Clinton, questions concerning her relationship with the investment bank Goldman Sachs will just not go away. At this stage in the race for the Democratic nomination, Clinton’s desire to avoid answering questions concerning her relationship with the bank has been drawing heavy criticism from some democrats, as well as from her main competitor, Bernie Sanders. While these questions began earlier this year, they mostly centered on payments Clinton received from the investment giant for delivering a series of speeches. This week, a newer line of inquiry has begun dogging the former Secretary of State, namely: the relationship between Clinton’s son-in-law and the bank.

Marc Mezvinsky is a hedge fund manager with ties to large banks and, importantly to Clinton’s campaign, large donors. He is also married to Chelsea Clinton. One hedge fund, begun in 2011, received heavy investment from Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, making Mezvinsky’s relationship to both the investment bank and the Clintons particularly interesting.

According to the New York Times, Mezvinsky’s hedge fund firm has received a considerable amount of investment from not only banks, but also private individuals who themselves have a history of contributing to both President and Mrs. Clinton’s campaigns. Having a financial relationship with investors who have also been campaign contributors and a personal relationship with a politician running for office, the implication of political influence through Mezvinsky-as-medium is causing some concern.

Given former Secretary Clinton’s unwillingness to disclose the transcripts of her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs employees and the lack of disclosure concerning the hedge fund, there is a great deal of implication and very few concrete answers. But answers, for the good of the democratic process, may be needed.

With a son-in-law managing money from large banks keen on political influence, and a presidential hopeful less than forthcoming about their relationship with the same bank, this situation “illustrates how politics and finance can intersect,” the Times noted.

When it comes to the presidential race, these intersections need to be clearly marked.

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